Staying Safe While Camping in Remote Areas with No Cell Phone Service

Learn how to stay safe while camping in remote areas with no cell phone service. Find out what gadgets you need to take with you and how to stay connected.

Staying Safe While Camping in Remote Areas with No Cell Phone Service

If you're dreaming of working from your motorhome in remote and far-off places, a cell phone amplifier is your best friend. Many remote campsites have poor mobile phone signals, so an amplifier can help ensure that you can still do your job.


in a national forest is free for up to 14 days in most parts of the United States. To give myself peace of mind and be prepared for any eventuality, I decided to buy a Globalstar satellite phone to take with me on my trips.

I booked tent campgrounds, treehouses, huts, yurts, primitive country sites, car campgrounds, streams, tiny houses, motorhome campgrounds, tents and more. It was reassuring to know that I could call for help if I got stuck in a camp due to rain, mud or bad weather. I could also plan my days so that mornings were for exploring, evenings for work and nights for the campfire. If you can't go a few days without your mobile phone or you want to make sure your camera is always charged and ready for action, a solar backpack is the perfect solution. You don't have to worry about carrying a heavy stove or using disposable grills that aren't environmentally friendly.

Before you start your camping trip, make sure that the beacon works and that you know how to call for help in case of emergency. I needed a reliable way to stay in touch with my family, so I bought a Globalstar phone from his company. In our conversation, it was agreed that the phone would have paid for itself by solving just one case. So grab some gadgets and stop falling, stay connected and come home smelling of campfire after your epic camping adventures. Camping alone can be intimidating if you're feeling nervous, so sometimes it's best to leave the camp desolate with panoramic views and find somewhere else to get a good night's rest.

Growing up camping in tents

has taught me one of the golden rules for traveling and camping safely: always let someone know where you are and where you're going.

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