What Should You Never Forget When Camping?

From spare batteries and airtight containers to downloading movies and bringing a tent - here are some essential items you should never forget when camping.

What Should You Never Forget When Camping?

Camping is a great way to spend quality time with family and reconnect with nature. But, there are some essential items that people often forget to bring on their camping trips. From spare batteries to airtight containers, here are some of the most important things you should never forget when camping.

Download Movies or TV Shows

Some campsites prohibit you from bringing wood from outside, while others prohibit you from searching for wood at the campsite.

In such circumstances, it pays to come prepared. Don't forget to download a movie or some episodes of your favorite TV show to watch them offline on your mobile devices. The gist of mentioning this is that while people remember to bring essential items like flashlights and flashlights on a camping trip, they often tend to forget to pack replacement batteries.

Spare Batteries

It's always recommended to bring spare batteries for items that might use them, since you never know when you might need them. It's better to be safe than sorry.

In these cases, it's a good idea to have an extra pair of shoes handy so that the soft conditions don't ruin your camping activities.


Picnic tables in campgrounds are not always clean, so we recommend that you bring a plastic tablecloth to spread on a camping table before you sit down to eat.


Ice is the ammunition that makes the cooler work and helps you keep food fresh. So, unless you're comfortable eating granola bars and drinking cans of hot soda, don't forget to buy ice on the way to camp.


Some land requires people to bring their own firewood, while others restrict it. In the midst of all this confusion, you may find yourself struggling to be in the camp without firewood. It's good practice to always check the camp's firewood policies before leaving.

This way, you'll always be covered and won't have to search for wood in cold, dark conditions.

Garbage Bags

So it's quite understandable that people forget to bring their own garbage bags for storage. However, now that you know that, remember to store those trash bags to keep the camp clean and tidy. In addition, proper garbage storage also helps keep wild animals away and ensure safety.

Portable Chargers

And finally, we have portable chargers for your phones or other electronic devices.

While some campsites offer electrical connections, there are others that don't, so for safety, don't forget to bring a portable charger with you to always keep your devices charged.

Airtight Containers

Airtight containers are one of the most important things you shouldn't forget to bring on your camping trip. You might think this is obvious; however, the only thing I sometimes forget to do is check if I've really refilled my first aid kit before leaving home. I always remember to put it in the bag, but sometimes I forget to check that there are still enough supplies in case of emergency.

Tent And finally, we have portable chargers for your phones or other electronic devices. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Summer Camping, your one-stop resource for everything related to camping. Everything from tips, tricks and expert advice to family camping in Saskatchewan. Not only is camping a great way to spend family time, but it's also a great way to reconnect with nature. Camping is about the experience and not just about the result.

But whatever you do, you should never forget to take shelter when you go camping. According to reports, 1 in 10 campers reported losing their tent due to disasters such as tornadoes, floods and even other human causes. We know that it's hard to remember to take a tent to the place where you are going to camp. However, this is the most important thing to remember.

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