What is the Best Type of Camp Stove for Cooking Meals While Camping?

Choosing between different types of camp stoves can be overwhelming at first glance but once you understand what each type offers you can make an informed decision about which one will work best for your needs and preferences.

What is the Best Type of Camp Stove for Cooking Meals While Camping?

Everest is definitely as powerful as its predecessor (if not more), with two 20,000 BTU burners, an automatic igniter and a redesigned burn area and exterior. When it comes to camping, the Camp Chef Everest 2x is undoubtedly one of the best stoves available. Each burner has a speed of 20,000 BTU to boil water quickly. However, the precision control knobs allow you to easily adjust the temperature for simmering.

Other highlights include the integrated windshield and piezoelectric igniter. The Camp Chef Everest 2x is a perfect addition to any camp kitchen. It works well for groups of up to 4-5 campers and stands out above all for its excellent performance against the wind. The Camp Chef Explorer is one of the best freestanding camping stoves available. Thanks to its freestanding design, sturdy construction and large cooking plate, it's an excellent choice for large groups of campers.

It's also popular with motorhome campers who like to bring an outdoor stove for outdoor cooking. However, keep in mind that this Camp Chef stove is a beast. It weighs more than 30 pounds with the legs in place or just under 20 pounds with the legs removed. Because of its weight, the Explorer 2-Burner is probably excessive, unless you have a lot of extra space in your vehicle. Powerful burners (each with 30,000 BTU) make cooking easy.

It boils water quickly and can be easily adjusted to simmer amazingly well (almost on par with a household gas stove). The big drawback, apart from the weight, is that its performance against the wind is relatively low. Although we could cook in the wind, it's a little difficult, especially at low heat. Also worth noting is the lack of compatibility with the popular 16 oz propane bottles: an adapter hose and a large propane tank must be used (which further increases the total weight of the package).

The 2-burner Camp Chef Explorer is ideal for cooking for large groups of campers or for similar events, such as outdoor meals or guided tours. You could even use it as a garden stove. This Coleman stove works with butane instead of the more popular propane. Although there won't be a noticeable difference, butane is slightly more fuel efficient than propane. The 2-Burner Table Stove has a simple but efficient design with several special features that take camping meal preparation to the next level. Most notable is the addition of the third burner for even greater versatility.

The two main burners pump 25,000 BTUs each for superior cooking power. The third burner is smaller and less powerful, with 5,500 BTU. Combine this with excellent flame control to adjust the desired cooking temperature anywhere, from simmering to boiling. The Outfitter 3-Burner Series from the Stansport Series is a reliable camping stove for any style of car camping. Adding the third burner makes it a good choice for larger groups.

Of course, style is useless if the performance isn't up to scratch. Fortunately, this Primus stove works well with a decent boiling time and excellent slow-cooking capability. Easy-to-use temperature control buttons make it easy to adjust the flame. Unfortunately, the small size has its drawbacks, that is, this stove is not the most powerful with only 7,000 BTU per burner. The cooking surface is also relatively small.

Limit the use of larger kitchen utensils. The last drawback is the lack of integrated windscreens, which severely limits the Kinjia's overall performance in the wind. Not only does this multi-fuel functionality make it more versatile, but white gas performs markedly better than propane in cold weather conditions. And on long expeditions or trips where there is no white gas available, unleaded gasoline is fairly easy to locate anywhere. Unfortunately, the Guide Dual Fuel series has its limitations. In other words, the two 7,000 BTU burners are not the most powerful. Not only that, but they're connected, so running one at full speed will sacrifice the heating power and fuel efficiency of the second burner. The Coleman Guide Dual Fuel series is the best for the most demanding winter campers.

It also works well for expeditions or landings. That said, most traditional motorhomes do better with one of the propane stoves on our list. Narrow down your options to find the best camping stove by first selecting the type of fuel that best suits your needs and preferences. Propane is by far the most common fuel for a camp stove. You often see these models use small green propane bottles (such as 16 oz Coleman propane bottles). With an adapter and hose (we like Stansport Propane Appliance to Bulk Tank hose), most stoves are also compatible with larger propane tanks (such as 5-pound Flame King propane cylinder), such as those normally used for home barbecues. Propane stoves for camping are reliable and very easy to use.

They turn on instantly and most have a high BTU output. Propane fuel is also affordable and widely available. The only real disadvantage is that this type of fuel does not work well in cold weather conditions. You'll most likely end up with a propane stove for camping. Not only are they best choice for most campers but they're also most popular type of fuel. Butane stoves are much less common than propane stoves but they're still good option for camping. Like propane models butane camping stoves are fraught with problems when it's cold. In fact they're even less efficient than propane models when temperatures drop. Most butane stoves are cheaper than propane models making them good choice for new campers or those on tight budget. The fuel itself also affordable. Most liquid fuel stoves use white gas instead of propane or butane. A liquid-fuel stove works well for camping during all four seasons especially if you're camping frequently in cold weather conditions.


Choosing between different types of camp stoves can be overwhelming at first glance but once you understand what each type offers you can make an informed decision about which one will work best for your needs and preferences.

The Camp Chef Everest 2x offers great power and portability while being 26% value making it THE BEST CAMPING STOVE IN GENERAL FOR ITS POWER AND PORTABILITY while Camp Chef Explorer's two-burner base camp offers great performance when cooking for large groups or similar events such as outdoor meals or guided tours.

For backpackers looking for two-burner base camps JetBoil Genesis offers great performance while Coleman's two-burner table stove offers great versatility thanks to its third burner.

Finally Stansport Outfitter 3-Burner Series offers great reliability while Primus' 7 000 BTU per burner makes it ideal for smaller groups while Coleman Guide Dual Fuel series offers great performance in cold weather conditions making it ideal for winter campers or expeditions/landings.

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